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One Manufacturer is Supercharging the Electric Car Game

When the average consumer thinks of an environmentally friendly car, vehicles like the Toyota Prius or Chevy Volt probably come to mind. Now, though, there are even more brands jumping into the game, creating new technology that could change the automotive game in years to come.

Tesla was the first to shake things up in the electric car world, thanks to their sleek sedans. They created an all-new type of electric car, boasting a sporty design unlike anything else drivers had seen before.

Porsche threw its hat into the ring this month when it revealed its first all-electric concept car at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show: The Mission E electric sports car. A unique 800-volt electric drive system that operates at twice the voltage of current electric vehicles will power this technological wonder, which will directly compete with the Tesla Model S.

The Mission E’s battery can be charged up to 80 percent in only 15 minutes, allowing 250 miles of driving. On a full battery, the Mission E will reportedly achieve 300 miles.

Drivers of the Mission E will be able to find supercharger stations using Google Maps on the vehicle’s 17-inch touchscreen. And, with only a 15 minute charging time to reach 80 percent, that’s a cup of coffee while you wait. There will be an app for the Mission E that will alert you when you car is full charged.

It’s electric that’s supercharged for a more efficient take on excitement.

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