DOM360 CEO to Discuss Marketing During an Election Year at Digital Dealer

Successfully navigate the complexities of election year auto sales with the knowledge you’ll gain from “The Campaign Game: Marketing Your Dealership in an Election Year,” presented by DOM360 CEO Robert Donovan and 22squared Field Manager Nick Holliday.

The uncertainty of  an election year can make car buyers nervous, resulting in hesitancy to make a big purchase. Robert and Nick will address this issue, as well as provide you with the tactics to combat this situation.

You will learn:

  • How the political climate affects consumer spending
  • What steps you need to take immediately to stay ahead of your competition
  • Offensive and defensive tactics to deploy online and offline
  • What strategies you should steal from successful political campaigns
  • How to gain your customers’ vote in 2016

In an election year, the automotive industry faces unique challenges. With this must-see, advanced presentation, you will learn how to tackle these challenges head on.

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