How to Win the “Campaign Game”

Marketing your dealership presents unique challenges. In 2016, a presidential election will add to the outside factors influencing how and where your dealership is marketed. Election years mean political advertising, which means that candidates can crowd you out of the local television and radio market. In 2016, more than ever, going digital with your advertising is a must.

Equal time laws, as well as the heated competition in battleground states, means that TV and radio time that used to go to local businesses such as car dealerships will now be given to political candidates. To avoid being drowned out, take your message somewhere with unlimited reach: the internet.

DOM360 CEO Robert Donovan and 22squared’s Nick Holliday presented a session about the complexities of election year marketing at Digital Dealer 20. “The Campaign Game: Marketing Your Dealership in an Election Year” provided the tools and strategies needed to navigate the landscape of election year marketing. If you would like more information about Robert and Nick’s session, or to speak with one of DOM360’s marketing experts about what an election year means for your dealership, please contact us at 864-248-0886 or