New Bill Seeks to Overturn Ban on Sunday Car Sales

Since 1983, Illinois has banned Sunday car sales. However, recently there has been a new push to overturn that ruling. State Senator Jim Oberweis recently introduced a new bill to overturn the ban, and surprisingly, it has been met with some resistance.

“They’re fighting the repeal of that bill, said Oberweis to ABC7 in Chicago. “In my opinion, government has no business telling people when they can or when they can’t sell cars.”

Various dealerships argue that they would prefer a day to spend with their families without having to worry about competitors. “Our business is a draining business as it is,” AutoMatch Senior Vice President John Gavin said to ABC7. “A lot of hours and one more day of that grind would be rough on our people.”

Tom Julian, Sales Manager of River View Ford in Oswego said nowadays dealerships “are open enough” and is not convinced adding an extra day would increase profits that drastically. “I’ve been in this business 17 years, and I don’t see adding another day making a difference,” Julian told the Chicago Tribune.

In addition, many dealerships report seeing a high volume of people on their lots throughout the day each Sunday, looking at the vehicles without the salesmen present. “You’ll see them walking around with their pieces of paper and writing model numbers and prices down,” said James Douvas of Napleton’s Valley Hyundai to the Chicago Tribune.

While some dealerships oppose the push to overturn the ban, other dealerships couldn’t be more thrilled. Revoking the Sunday sales ban means more vehicle purchases. Consumers have also added their voice to this notion saying they would prefer to have an extra day in order to take their time with the car-buying process.

“We do lose a lot of business because people don’t have time these days,” said Al Johnson, general manager of Wheels of Chicago to the Chicago Tribune. “They’re busy with kids; they’re busy going shopping, doing home chores.”
To appease both sides, Oberweis’ proposal gives owners the choice of either closing on Sunday or choosing another day during the week. Thirty-four states already allow Sunday sales. No decision has been made as of yet.

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