Do People Dread Shopping at Your Dealership?

Data shows that 99 percent of car buyers expect their purchasing decision to be a hassle before it has even begun. Additionally, 56 percent of car buyers delay their purchase because they dread going through the process.

Many dread the process because they figure it will be tedious, high-pressure and confusing.

This is making dealers and marketers have to shift their own mindsets and approaches to try and rectify the attitude and expectations of customers.

Customer-centric marketing is a strategy that recognizes that there is no “average customer.” It matures from the “one size fits all” marketing approach and starts focusing in on different behaviors and preferences.

Many industries, including automotive, are just beginning to understand that with tools at consumers’ disposable like social media and smartphones for easy comparison shopping, control has shifted to the the customers.  

The keys to success when tackling this new buying process are awareness, forming a relationship and continual engagement. Digital marketing is how customers are initially reached. Finding what makes your target audience tick and reaching them on a personal level through social media and targeted campaigns is essential.

Your customer is your greatest asset, making it critical to invest in their loyalty and happiness. You can do this as a dealership by getting involved with your community, creating loyalty programs and encouraging employees to treat customers as a lifetime buyer.

It’s an exciting time for automotive marketing innovation as we focus on the entire sales process from discovery to purchase, instead of just on purchase.

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