Apple May Be Joining the Electric Car Race

Is Apple getting into the car business? All signs are pointing to yes. Apple looks to be joining a suddenly crowded electric automotive market, with Google and others already making their own push into the industry.

Over the past several months, Apple has been making a coordinated series of moves leading to speculation that they are working on an electric vehicle, with the code name Project Titan. Apple purchased a large parcel of land in San Jose, close enough to their headquarters to make sense as a base for their electric car project.

More concretely, they have hired away several employees from companies specializing in electric automotive technology, including Mission Motors. The most high profile of these hirings was when they enlisted the services of Jonathan Cohen, the former director of deep learning software at Nvidia.

“Given his role working on self-driving car technology at Nvidia, it's likely that Cohen could be part of the growing team responsible for Apple's top-secret Project Titan automotive initiative,”a Forbes article reports.

Apple has also acquired a technology company called Vocal IQ, Ltd., which would allow users to have interactive conversations with a device. This technology could allow users to control their cars with their voice, without having to stick to a few pre-set commands. If they are indeed moving into the electric car market, it could be the first steps towards a widely adopted electric car. Apple could soon be as ubiquitous on the road as they are in your pocket.